Conflict Resolution

Understand, determine, and apply a range of conflict resolution strategies, considering the nature of the scenario and the needs and expectations of citizens, while taking responsibility for issues.



Competency Area

Citizen Service


Recognises intent of conflict resolution strategies

Recognises the underlying intent of conflict resolution strategies in citizen service

Understands citizen needs and expectations during the conflict

Aware of help desks/grievance redressal mechanisms citizens can avail

Documents issues brought up during a conflict

Determines appropriate forums for conflict resolution

Lists several conflict resolution strategies, considering the scenario

Discusses pain points with citizens, taking into account the nature of the conflict

Determines an appropriate help desk/grievance redressal mechanisms citizen can avail, considering the conflict

Interprets issues to identify patterns in service delivery and design that lead to conflict

Takes responsibility for conflict resolutions

Applies scenario-specific conflict resolution strategies

Identifies the root cause of the conflict, while maintaining a relationship with the citizen

Coordinates with help desks/grievance redressal mechanisms to ensure the issue is solved

Takes responsibility for solving citizen issues and anticipations any further help they might need