Service Orientation

Identify, establish, and streamline citizen needs and expectations to ensure service quality and address any issues that might come up.



Competency Area

Citizen Service


Understands the basics of service orientation

Documents citizens’ needs and expectations and towards a service

Aware of all the information a citizen needs towards a particular service

Communicates with citizens to identify their issues

Understands the citizen profile for various types of services

Gathers information on best practices for evaluating service quality

Identifies service standards and quality

Determines what service to provide, based on citizens needs and expectations

Provides citizens with all the information they need for a service

Describes the appropriate persons/sources a citizen can refer to for issues

Identifies the standards required for various types of services

Supports the development of tools and techniques that are used for evaluating service quality

Streamlines citizen expectations

Establishes mutual expectations with citizens to ensure service satisfaction

Encourages citizen participation through different mediums (online and offline)

Addresses citizen issues in a timely manner, through appropriate persons/sources

Streamlines the expectations citizens are entitled to hold, in terms of services

Applies tools and techniques to evaluate service quality