Passenger Movement Management

Manage passenger movements to enable efficient and smooth airport operations



Competency Area

Airport Operations


Apply anti-congestion techniques

Deploy personnel and equipment to regulate passenger movements at checkpoints

Handle unplanned events which lead to crowding

Relieve tailbacks and congestions by applying anti-congestion techniques

Analyse and enhance the efficiency of passenger movement

Recommend passenger guidance and direction methods

Determine operational and infrastructural bottlenecks to passenger movements

Diminish waiting time through regulating passenger movements at each checkpoint

Employ crowd control measures based on anticipated crowds

Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to minimise impact of disruption during large group events

Develop passenger movement management processes for the airports

Define guidelines for changes to operational sequences to optimise passenger movements

Devise contingency plans to manage unanticipated events which impact passenger movements at the airports

Analyse passenger flow metrics and reinforce operational sequences to reduce bottlenecks

Develop plans for managing seasonal or periodic variations in passenger movements

Develop plans to manage passenger movements during large group events in collaboration with relevant stakeholders