Airline Operations Management

Execute and manage operational activities to contribute to the commercial success of airlines



Competency Area

Airline Operations


Coordinate airline activities across different departments

Determine the nature of airline operations

Identify the duties and interrelationships of different functions in airline organisations

Liaise with different stakeholders and/or departments to execute day-to-day operations

Examine the effects and implications of irregular operations on overall airline operations

Identify potential alliance opportunities to enhance airline operations

Assess the impact of irregular operations on aircraft turnaround activities

Determine the implications of irregular operations on overall airline operations

Determine differences in operational requirements between the hub-and- spoke networks and point-to-point networks

Evaluate airline performance and recommend initiatives

Ascertain fleet requirements for airlines

Collaborate with different stakeholders and/or departments to review the need for acquisition of new fleets for the airlines

Engage potential alliance partners on developing partnerships to enhance airline operations

Benchmark performance of airlines against key performance metrics

Propose strategies to overcome airline operational constraints

Formulate business models for airlines

Develop operational strategies in alignment with the commercial objectives of airlines

Develop strategies to establish competitive advantages and deliver the customer value propositions for airlines

Support the implementation of new A-CDM projects and applications to enhance efficiency of airline operations

Drive and justify the acquisition and/or divestment of airline operations and functions

Negotiate strategic alliances to enhance airline operations

Analyse the impact of regulatory changes on overall strategies of airlines