Dangerous Goods Management

Manage handling of dangerous goods in accordance with regulatory requirements



Competency Area

Safety Management


Apply appropriate methods and techniques to handle dangerous goods

Prepare appropriate documentation for dangerous goods

Classify and identify dangerous goods

Apply appropriate and safe methods to lift and stow dangerous goods

Execute contingency measures for the different classes of dangerous goods during emergency situations

Execute dangerous goods handling processes and procedures

Monitor packing, marking, labelling and stowage procedures for dangerous goods

Coordinate dangerous goods documentation

Store dangerous goods based on SOPs and regulatory requirements

Interpret the DGR requirements

Review compliance and handling procedures

Administer appropriate labelling and documentation for dangerous goods packaging

Implement relevant and efficient SDS formats

Ensure compliance with dangerous goods storage regulatory requirements

Develop compliance and handling procedures for dangerous goods

Oversee dangerous goods operations to attain compliance with organisational and international safety standards

Develop recommendations to enhance the safety of dangerous goods management processes

Advise on laws and regulations applicable to dangerous goods classifications

Develop transportation and storage methods to handle different classifications of dangerous goods

Develop emergency response plans covering range of emergency situations