Service Leadership

Champion and role model the organisation’s service vision, mission and values



Competency Area

Customer Experience


Role model the service vision of an organisation and encourage service excellence

Demonstrate the characteristics of a role model that reflect the organisation's vision, mission and values

Encourage team to deliver service

Promote a customer- centric culture within the service environment to achieve service excellence

Monitor performance of self and team to ensure consistency with the organisation’s guidelines

Lead a team to deliver service excellence

Recognise the roles and responsibilities of a leader in operationalising the organisation’s vision, mission and values

Promote a customer- centric environment to influence team to achieve service excellence

Analyse performance of team to identify follow-up actions for improvement

Champion service excellence ethos and foster a customer- centric service culture

Design a customer- focused strategy

Advocate the service excellence ethos to obtain buy-in from internal stakeholders

Create a customer- centric culture in the organisation

Translate the service excellence ethos into tangible targets and behaviours

Reinforce positive behaviour by providing incentives and rewards for teams and individuals

Evaluate customer- focused strategy to determine corrective actions

Update the customer- focused strategy in line with market trends and opportunities