Food and Beverage Services

Prepare and serve food and beverages to passengers according to meal sequence flow and organisational quality standards



Competency Area

In-Flight Services


Prepare and serve meals according to meal plans

Serve meals according to the standard meal sequence flow

Provide food and beverage recommendations to passengers

Ensure that passengers with special dietary requirements receive appropriate meals

Offer beverages to passengers using appropriate glasses

Carry out beverage services at regular intervals

Fulfil ad-hoc requests for food and beverages

Carry out ad-hoc food and beverages services

Conduct quality checks on food before serving

Prepare meals based on meal plans and established quality and hygiene standards

Carry out meal plating and preparation for business class and first class meals

Ensure proper cutlery arrangement when serving meals to premium passengers

Oversee meal service

Inform cabin crew of special requirements or changes to meal service flow

Provide sign-off on the delivery of in-flight meals

Verify meal plans with in- flight caterers

Oversee meal preparation and services

Ensure adherence to organisational standards, meal plans and established quality and hygiene standards