Crisis Communication and Media Management

Manage communications with the media and/or relevant stakeholders during crises to maintain a positive image of the organisation



Competency Area

Business Management


Collate crisis information for dissemination to relevant stakeholders

Verify validity of information and credibility of sources

Collate and report crisis information to management

Convene media and/or relevant stakeholders for dissemination of information

Utilise airport PIS to deliver information to passengers

Manage crisis communication and delivery of relevant information sensitively

Evaluate and supply information to prevent negative media messaging

Convey and present clear and accurate information to the media and/or relevant stakeholders

Collaborate with different departments to respond to media and/or stakeholders’ queries in accordance with organisational communication guidelines

Uphold organisation’s public image during and after crises

Deliver key messages to media, relevant stakeholders and/or information systems

Establish taskforces to manage crisis communication activities

Oversee media-related briefings for internal stakeholders

Collaborate with relevant stakeholders and/or departments to release official statements to conventional and social media