Aircraft Dispatch

Review flight dispatch documents to identify dispatch issues and determine mission continuance



Competency Area

Aircraft Operations


Analyse flight dispatch documents and support the pilots-in-command

Dispatch procedures

Jeppesen and/or other route charts

Airworthiness documentation requirements

Weather conditions along flight routes and at departure, destination and alternate airports

Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

Impact of weather conditions on flight planning and aircraft performance

Engine performance and fuel consumption

Local and international guidelines such as Air Operator Certificate Requirements (AOCR), Air Navigation Regulations (ANR) and Airline Operations Manual (AOM)

Support the pilots-in-command in making decisions concerning dispatch

Analyse flight dispatch documents including computerised flight plans

Check and confirm the validity of airworthiness documents

Rectify dispatch errors

Determine fuel requirements

Plan flight execution based on weather conditions and operational environments along flight paths

Review flight dispatch documents

Brief co-pilots on flight execution and relevant matters

Review all dispatch documents to affirm they are complete and adequate for flights

Set optimal fuel requirements

Oversee enhancements to flight plans based on weather conditions and operational environments along the flight paths