Stakeholder Management

Plan and implement strategies to build and manage constructive and positive relationships with stakeholders



Competency Area

Business Management


Maintain relations with team members and/or customers

Utilise tact, diplomacy and courtesy when interacting with team members, customers and/or stakeholders

Escalate complex queries or requests to seniors and superiors

Maintain good relationships with team members, customers and/or stakeholders

Nurture positive internal and external relations with stakeholders

Communicate with stakeholders in line with authority levels

Consider interests of stakeholders during communication

Nurture relationships with formal and informal contacts to facilitate work progress

Engage stakeholders to build and foster positive relationships

Determine importance and influence of stakeholders on work progress

Propose plans to minimise resistance to new policies, programmes and/or processes

 Implement communication plans to ensure stakeholders are updated on new developments, policies, programmes and/or processes

 Seek opportunities to build relationships with formal and informal contacts to facilitate work progress

Develop plans to build positive and trustworthy relationships

Facilitate networking opportunities to build relationships with stakeholders

Conduct stakeholder impact analysis to assess the impact of new policies, programmes and processes on different stakeholders

Employ engagement techniques to manage stakeholders impacted by new policies, programmes and/or processes and fulfil alignment with mutual objectives

Cultivate strong partnerships with stakeholders

Form strategic partnerships and relationships with stakeholders through engagement

Formulate optimal working relationships and communication plans to secure stakeholder support for key organisational goals

Analyse new policies, programmes and/or procedures to determine stakeholder impact

Implement metrics to track customer satisfaction and engagement

Develop customer acquisition and retention programmes