Runway Safety

Ensure safe airside operations to prevent runway incursions, excursions and confusions



Competency Area

Airside Operations


Oversee runway, taxiway and apron conditions to prevent incidents and/or accidents

Monitor airfield and runway conditions to ensure safe operations

Utilise Foreign Object Debris (FOD) systems to identify and clear FOD at the airside

Ensure airside vehicles do not operate on the runways

Inspect runways, taxiways, aprons and the associated areas to ensure compliance with the Airport Certification Manual (ACM)

Prepare investigation reports on runway safety breaches

Review airfield conditions and implement corrective actions

Ensure airfield and runway conditions are safe for operations

Determine runway hotspots by analysing investigation reports and international best practices

Utilise detection systems to monitor aircraft and/or airside vehicles

Oversee regular internal audits and safety inspections on runways, taxiways and aprons

Validate compliance of markings, lights and signs with the MOAS

Evaluate runway incidents by types, severity and frequency of occurrences and implement corrective measures

Develop action plans to optimise runway safety during airside operations

Develop and implement action plans to prevent and mitigate impact of runway incursions, excursions and confusions

Propose enhancements to reduce risks of runway incursions, excursions and confusions

Review and update safety documents and manuals for runways, taxiways and aprons