Cabin Hygiene and Cleanliness

Perform in-flight cleaning to maintain cabin hygiene and cleanliness according to organisational standards



Competency Area

In-Flight Services


Adhere to cleaning activities Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Carry out regular disposal and clearance of garbage from cabin floors, toilets and galley areas

Replenish toilet amenities as necessary

Wash galley items and unclog choked sinks to ensure galley hygiene and cleanliness

Perform regular collection of trash from passengers to prevent littering of cabin floors

Oversee overall cabin hygiene and cleanliness

Prepare documentation for cabin defects

Coordinate with ground services department and engineers to rectify cabin defects or handle special requirements upon landing

Monitor cleanliness of cabins to ensure adherence to organisational standards

Oversee cleaning activities to confirm regular checks and cleaning are done by cabin crew

Administer compliance of cabin hygiene and cleanliness standards to relevant WHO guidelines where necessary

Review cabin hygiene and cleanliness and develop plans

Conduct spot checks to assess cabin hygiene and cleanliness

Provide feedback to cabin crew to meet organisational standards for cabin hygiene and cleanliness

Develop plans to enhance cabin hygiene and cleanliness

Produce cabin audit reports for relevant stakeholders

Keep up-to-date with relevant WHO guidelines and assess applicability of WHO guidelines on cabin hygiene and cleanliness standards and operations