Wildlife Hazard Management

Manage wildlife within and around the airports to prevent wildlife strikes



Competency Area

Airside Operations


Implement wildlife control measures within and around the airports

Implement active wildlife control measures and interventions in accordance with WHMP to counter wildlife hazards

Maintain surveillance of wildlife activities at the airports and its surrounding areas

Conduct regular inspections for food sources or conditions which may attract wildlife in the vicinities of the airports

Suggest approaches for short-term and long-term wildlife management programmes

Report actual, potential or suspected wildlife strikes to higher authorities

Conduct regular maintenance of the wildlife control equipment

Evaluate and enhance wildlife control measures

Plan and organise wildlife control operations in accordance with WHMP

Oversee wildlife control operations to ensure appropriate implementation of WHMP

Manage documentation of wildlife control records

Facilitate active surveillance, wildlife dispersal, culling and other field tasks to control wildlife

Collaborate with Air Traffic Control (ATC) and other stakeholders and/or departments to manage wildlife at the airports and its surrounding areas

Advise relevant stakeholders and/or departments on improvements to WHMP

Manage the supply, safe-keeping and maintenance of wildlife control equipment and consumables

Develop Wildlife Hazard Management Plans -WHMP

Develop WHMP for the organisation

Determine habitats and land uses identified in the WHMP do not interfere with airport master plans

Sit on the organisation’s airport wildlife committee to develop wildlife management strategies

Engage research institutes and biodiversity societies to develop wildlife management plans

Collaborate with airlines, airport agencies, regulators and other stakeholders to manage wildlife at the airports and the surrounding areas

Develop strategies to mitigate impact of wildlife issues on airside operations

Develop implementation plans for new technologies to track wildlife in and around the airports