In-Flight Customer Services

Provide quality customer services to ensure comfort and safety of passengers during flights



Competency Area

In-Flight Services


Deliver quality customer services to ensure needs and requests of passengers are met

Direct passengers to the correct aisles based on their assigned seats during boarding

Assist passengers to stow and remove baggage from overhead compartments

Set up bassinets for passengers travelling with infants

Offer assistance to passengers with disabilities or special needs

Answer call lights and requests to ensure needs of passengers are met

Resolve passenger issues in an efficient and polite manner

Offer all available items and amenities as appropriate to ensure passenger comfort

Provide accurate and helpful advice to passengers

Announce information using standard operator phraseology

Maintain a conducive cabin environment through noise and light management

Provide fair and respective treatment to passengers to ensure no discrimination

Deliver personalised customer services to premium passengers

Perform briefings and assign roles and responsibilities to cabin crew based on flight requirements

Conduct pre-service briefings

Escort premium passengers to their assigned seats

Assist premium passengers to stow baggage and clothing items

Deliver personalised services to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of premium passengers

Perform service recovery for dissatisfied passengers

Engage passengers in conversations to make them feel comfortable

Initiate and offer available products and services to passengers as appropriate

Identify needs and preferences of passengers and make suitable recommendations for in- flight products and services

Manage in-flight sales and transactions

Manage accounts and inventories for in-flight sales

Assess in-flight customer services and provide guidance to cabin crew during flights

Oversee and evaluate the overall service delivery during flights to ensure alignment with organisational standards

Provide feedback and coaching to cabin crew on fulfilling organisational standards for customer service delivery

Share best practices on enhancing customer service delivery with the cabin crew