Fire Prevention and Firefighting

Minimise the risk of fire and maintain operational readiness to respond to emergency situations involving structural fires



Competency Area

Safety and Security Management


Execute fire response protocols and drills to respond to fires promptly and safely

Notify relevant agencies and teams to respond to fire emergency situations

Determine the extent, nature and locations of fires to guide response operations

Conduct fit checks to ensure correct protective clothing and respiratory protection equipment are worn

Extinguish fires using appropriate procedures, techniques and firefighting agents to minimise damages

Administer initial emergency aid to casualties to reduce further injuries and suffering

Document findings from inspections according to requirements in operational logbooks

Implement emergency response plans and procedures

Evaluate and classify severity of fire types to activate teams at the appropriate level

Assess environmental factors to identify potential risks which may hamper fire response efforts

Secure sites of emergency situations to control access to fire

Deploy manpower resources and placement of aerodrome markers, markings and temporary lighting to facilitate emergency responses

Allocate casualties to a place of safety to minimise further injuries during occurrences of fires

Transmit accurate and complete information to command centre to assist decision-making

Compile data on fire incidents to identify root causes of incidents

Develop measures to mitigate fires in the airports

Develop strategies to provide clear directions for fire response strategies

Establish control zones and emergency response centres to monitor the progress of fire response efforts

Analyse on-site emergency response capabilities of teams to determine the deployment of additional resources

Monitor progress of fire response efforts to propose alternative plans to control fires

Oversee the evacuation of casualties and ensure they receive immediate medical attention

Analyse data on fire incidents to determine root causes of incidents and accidents

Assess installation of fire prevention systems to alleviate the occurrences of fires in airports

Develop coordinated strategies with external agencies

Devise coordinated plans with external agencies such as hospitals and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) to boost fire response efforts

Develop simulated emergency exercises to build up officers for firefighting

Integrate best practices and technologies to enhance overall operational readiness of emergency response personnel, vehicles and equipment for firefighting