Airport Audit and Compliance

Audit airport operations to ensure alignment with world-class airport standards



Competency Area

Airport Operations


Administer Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to support airport audit processes

Prepare compliance templates for audits

Implement terminal operations in accordance with compliance standards

Provide required information and documentation during internal and external audit processes

Manage internal audits

Plan, schedule and conduct internal audits for terminal operations

Monitor and survey terminal operations to ensure adherence to compliance standards

Collaborate with relevant stakeholders and/or departments to review compliance of airport operations

Aid external agencies and/or stakeholders to carry out external audits

Propose corrective actions to address gaps identified during audits

Align airport standards with international best practices

Develop internal auditing processes to enforce compliance of airport operations with established standards

Collaborate and work with external agencies to oversee external audits

Develop effective corrective actions based on audit results