Service Excellence

Develop a service framework to manage and address service challenges as well as collaborate with relevant partners to deliver service excellence



Competency Area

Customer Experience


Enhance the customers’ experience

Identify the diverse range of customers and their needs and expectations

Recognise the impact of and persona on the organisation

Project a professional image and persona

Demonstrate effective communication skills when interacting with customers

Demonstrate the qualities and characteristics of a service professional when delivering go-the- extra-mile service to exceed customer expectations

Create a positive customer experience by offering customised and personalised service

Escalate feedback on areas of improvements to enhance the customer experience one’s professional image

Deliver all aspects of customer service

Interpret customers’ needs using appropriate interpersonal skills

Greet customers and accordance with organisational requirements

Provide prompt service to address customer needs in accordance with organisational requirements

Identify and follow up opportunities to increase the quality of service

Document all customer feedback according to organisational standards, policies and procedures establish rapport in

Build customer confidence in the organisation

Promote a customer- centric culture within the service environment to achieve service excellence

Enhance knowledge of organisation’s service offerings and customer profile on a continuous basis

Establish customer rapport to build customer confidence

Respond to service opportunities and escalated service challenges to reinforce customers’ confidence in the organisation

Establish and maintain relationships to enhance service excellence

Establish and maintain relationships with service partners to enhance service excellence

Share with service partners the organisation’s service standards and key performance indicators (KPIs) for service partners

Share industry knowledge and experience with service partners

Assess performance of service partnerships to identify areas of improvement

Implement continuous improvements to strengthen relationships with service partners

Communicate reasons for continuous improvements to service partners

Communicate continuous improvements to team

Obtain feedback from service partner on improvements

Monitor service partners’ performance after implementation of continuous improvements

Establish partnerships to deliver service excellence

Update service partners on the organisation’s vision, mission, values and customer-focused strategy

Establish value creating partnerships with service partners to achieve organisational service excellence

Develop clarity and reasons for partnership

Develop and maintain trust which may include

Create clear and robust partnership arrangements

Strengthen collaborations with service partners to enhance performance to achieve the organisation’s service standards

Evaluate performance of service partners and their contributions to the organisation’s service standards