Airport Safeguarding and Security

Develop and execute airport safety and security policies to promote a safe working environment and passenger experience



Competency Area

Safety and Security Management


Administer operations in accordance with safety and security policies

Conduct security clearance procedures for access control

Handle security systems and barriers to guard and protect security zones at the airports

Utilise surveillance and recording systems to record breaches or infringement of airport security

Take corrective actions during breaches or infringement of workplace security procedures

Review operations for compliance with safety and security policies and regulations

Manage access control systems in the landside and terminal security zones

Implement appropriate actions to manage security issues and security breaches including contingency procedures in the event of a security issue or a breach of legislation

Examine and anticipate security issues and risks which may arise from controlling access at security zones

Monitor security infrastructure

Recommend changes to airport security policies and control measures

Review effectiveness of terminal infrastructure including surveillance, access control and protective infrastructure from a safeguarding and security perspective

Recommend changes and additions to terminal infrastructure where required

Develop and implement airport safety training programmes

Review outcomes of audits and initiate control measures to enhance safety and security

Apply best practices in safety and security planning