Flight Watching and Flight Following

Monitor conditions which may affect the planned completion of flights and propose actions to prevent disruptions to flights



Competency Area

Flight Operations


Monitor real-time flight positions and conditions to ensure flight completion

Check flight positions at appropriate intervals using satellite monitoring equipment

Monitor flight conditions using meteorological data

Communicate special ground handling requirements for incoming aircraft to ground handling agents and/or station managers at destination airports

Adjust flight positions

Review flight data to determine flight movements and positions

Determine impact of environmental conditions on flight paths based on meteorological data

Communicate revised flight status to airlines, airport agencies and/or authorities

Relay messages and maintain communication with pilots during flights

Review new technologies to enhance flight watching and flight following

Determine feasibility of integrating new technologies to enhance flight watching and flight following systems for the organisation

Enhance features of flight watching and flight following systems

Calculate cost impact of implementing new technologies and/or enhancing current systems

Convey business rationales for the implementation of new technologies and enhancements