Route Forecasting and Development

Identify flight routes for airlines through the detailed study of airline performance, route profitability, competitors, revenue potential and future business strategies



Competency Area

Commercial Management


Examine trends and acquire data needed to forecast demand

Ascertain demand for specific flight routes

Identify passenger preferences for flight routes and timings

Identify and acquire data critical to route forecasting and development

Analyse the potential and returns of existing and proposed routes

Calculate potential financial returns for proposed flight routes

Integrate traffic data, research data and analytics to execute route forecasting

Produce route traffic forecast reports

Manipulate and change variable data in route forecasting to perform what-if scenario analysis

Propose improvements to route forecasting models and procedures

Develop new flight routes and define capabilities of the airlines to operate proposed routes

Develop route forecasting models and procedures for airlines

Create new flight routes for airlines after detailed review of traffic data and route traffic forecast reports

Determine potential issues and risks which may arise from new routes

Develop strategies to mitigate risks

Detail fleet requirements and capabilities for new flight routes