Data Analytics

Organise and analyse structured or unstructured data to create insights systematically



Competency Area

Productivity and Innovation


Identify and process data according to required formats

Identify data sources which fulfil research and analysis requirements

Perform database queries across multiple sources to extract relevant data

Process data following standard procedures to facilitate data analysis

Organise data into appropriate chart elements to report analytics outputs

Conduct data studies and present insights and trends

Integrate information from multiple datasets

Conduct data mining exercises to uncover trends in the data

Perform data analysis to derive meaningful and actionable insights

Recognise sequential patterns and sub-graph patterns to draw linkages between variables

Present analytics outputs in a visually appealing format to support decision-making

Develop data studies and deepen insights to evaluate trends in datasets

Review data to ensure planning parameters are captured in extracted datasets

Configure data models to perform advanced analytics which will provide insights of business value

Engage in scalable pattern discovery methods on big data to identify market trends

Design effective and predictive dashboards to represent analytics outputs from large datasets

Communicate insights to relevant stakeholders

Drive efforts to improve data analytics capabilities within the organisation

Formulate the organisation’s data science plans to support business objectives

Conduct horizon scans to identify, evaluate and implement new technologies and techniques to improve the effectiveness of data analytics

Develop tools to automate data science tasks and improve analytics capabilities

Develop linkages of analytical outcomes to business objectives to influence business strategies

Advise staff to develop effective and predictive dashboards which represent analytics outputs from large datasets