Food Waste Management

Manage activities for the disposal of food waste in aircraft and central kitchens



Competency Area

In-Flight Catering


Clear food waste

Clear cabin and galley food waste according to SOPs

Operate equipment to process food waste

Discharge effluents according to SOPs in order to prevent food contamination

Administer food waste disposal

Monitor food waste disposal activities to ensure adherence to SOPs

Conduct audits to evaluate food wastage in central kitchens and on flights

Recommend solutions and encourage staff to adopt food waste management strategies

Propose and evaluate optimal levels of food production and stocking

Determine preventable food wastage based on audits

Propose recommended amounts of food to stock on flights based on food waste trends and audit results

Evaluate the outcomes and success of food waste management strategies

Develop strategies to reduce and manage food waste

Drive recycling and waste management strategies to reduce food wastage

Analyse cost impact of food wastage on airlines and ground handling operations

Develop strategic plans to recycle or divert food waste based on new technologies and international best practices

Endorse changes to airline menus to minimise food waste