Aircraft Movement Management

Direct aircraft on the ramps by using appropriate manual and systems cues



Competency Area

Ground Handling Services and Operations


Perform manual marshalling to direct aircraft movements on the ramps

Perform aircraft marshalling using baton set based on international standards

Communicate with flight crew and ground handlers according to established procedures

Operate portable communication devices

Utilise Aircraft Docking Guidance System (ADGS) to direct aircraft movements

Determine PPE to use when performing marshalling during inclement weather conditions

Operate ADGS to direct aircraft movements on the ramps

Seek clearance for aircraft before taxiing

Implement marshalling operations and ensure adherence to Standard

Retrieve information posted on ADGS within stipulated time frames

Verify accuracy of information posted on ADGS

Ensure aircraft bays are clear for aircraft parking and movements

Review and develop aircraft movement SOPs to ensure safety and industry standards are met

Communicate and disseminate SOPs for aircraft movement management