Customer and Passenger Handling and Care

Manage delivery of customer and passenger services to meet ground services standards of airlines



Competency Area

Customer and Passenger Services


Provide assistance and handle customers’ and passengers’ queries

Verify customer and passenger documents and tickets for check-in operations

Respond to queries by customers and passengers

Manage dissatisfied customers and passengers and escalate the complaints when necessary

Assist customers and passengers with baggage check-in by advising them on baggage allowances, overweight charges and restrictions

Provide guidance to transfer customers and passengers

Inform customers and passengers about flight delays and arrangements

Provide assistance to customers and passengers with disabilities

Monitor performance of ground handling agents against SOPs and SLAs of airlines

Escalate breaches of SOPs and SLAs to relevant authorities

Coordinate with ground handling agents to manage customer and passenger communication and movements during irregular operations

Oversee check-in operations

Handle and resolve escalated verbal and written complaints

Manage dissatisfied customers and passengers in accordance with customer and passenger service standards of airlines

Oversee baggage check-in procedures and ensure baggage allowances and overweight restrictions are being complied

Provide personalised services and assistance to premium customers and passengers at lounges

Facilitate resources to handle customers and passengers with disabilities

Communicate announcements regarding flight delays and arrangements

Handle breaches of customer and passenger security and safety guidelines in accordance with relevant policies

Collaborate with service providers, airport agencies and ground handling agents to communicate and disseminate ground services standards of airlines

Enforce ground services standards by communicating SOPs and SLAs to ground handling agents

Collaborate with airline and airport operations teams to manage communication during irregular operations

Review and enhance customer and passenger service standards for ground handling agents

Resolve customer and passenger situations involving denied boarding and emergency situations in accordance with airlines’ SOPs

Investigate unresolved complaints and determine follow-up actions

Collaborate with airport operations teams to initiate more disabled- friendly infrastructure

Review performance of ground handling agents against established ground services SOPs and SLAs

Audit ground service delivery to identify areas for enhancements

Develop action plans to enhance ground services

Conduct briefings on new policies and/or procedures to relevant departments and/or stakeholders

Collate relevant information and statistics and/or generate relevant graphs for reports such as AIC Quarterly Reports

Conduct regular reviews and updates of AIC manuals

Implement action plans for managing customers and passengers during irregular operations