Airside Safety

Develop and execute airside safety policies to promote a safer working environment at the airside



Competency Area

Safety Management


Monitor hazards and risks which compromise the safety of airside operations

Conduct safety induction programmes for new personnel

Evaluate screening procedures for passengers and cargo at the airside

Prepare and maintain airside safety documents and records

Communicate with relevant stakeholders and/or departments during airside incidents and/or accidents

Implement operations for enhancement of safety at the airside

Conduct safety audits to identify lapses

Determine airside hazards for personnel, aircraft and property

Propose plans to mitigate impact of human factors on airside safety

Define regulatory requirements for airside safety

Implement action plans to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and reduce risks of airside injuries, accidents, incidents and damages

Recommend enhancements to airside safety policies, procedures and training programmes

Develop and implement airside safety training programmes

Review outcomes of airside audits and initiate control measures to enhance safety

Employ best practices in safety for airside operations

Investigate causes of airside accidents and incidents and develop corrective action plans