Aircraft Turnaround Coordination

Conduct activities to prepare and turn around inbound aircraft for outbound flights



Competency Area

Ground Handling Services and Operations


Perform activities to turn around aircraft for outbound flights

Identify the different stakeholders involved and their roles and responsibilities during aircraft turnaround processes

Communicate status of turnaround activities to officers, supervisors and/or other relevant stakeholders

Adhere to safety and security procedures when executing aircraft turnaround activities

Monitor aircraft turnaround activities to ensure adherence to established safety standards

Facilitate coordination between various departments and/or stakeholders involved in aircraft turnaround activities

Communicate status of aircraft to supervisors and Operations Control Centre (OCC)

Ensure others adhere to safety and security procedures when executing aircraft turnaround activities

Follow established Precision Time Activities (PTA) targets

Local and international guidelines such as International Air Transport Association (IATA) Ground Operations Manual (IGOM)

Coordinate information- sharing between various departments and/or stakeholders during aircraft turnaround processes and procedures

Determine appropriate actions to be taken during flight delays

Modify aircraft turnaround processes and activities to manage and monitor flight preparation

Deliver aircraft turnaround activities according to PTA

Employ measures to reduce fatigue affecting human performance during aircraft turnaround activities

Develop enhancement strategies for turnaround operations

Advise departments and/or stakeholders on status of aircraft departures

Evaluate ground handling operational performance

Develop strategies to improve efficiency of aircraft turnaround activities

Develop policies to manage threats and errors in aircraft turnaround activities

Enhance aircraft servicing procedures to alleviate time pressure during aircraft turnaround activities