Baggage Security Screening Operations

Screen baggage in accordance with 100 percent Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) standards to facilitate detection and prohibition of explosives and security threats



Competency Area

Safety and Security Management


Screen baggage and identify security threats according to SOPs

Use protective clothing such as gloves and masks during screening activities

Screen hold baggage for explosives, hazardous materials and dangerous goods using EDS

Identify explosives, hazardous materials and dangerous goods when using baggage screening equipment

Follow SOPs to detect and report baggage containing security threats

Monitor baggage screening activities

Monitor baggage screening processes to ensure adherence to 100 percent HBS standards

Supervise the use of baggage screening equipment and EDS

Investigate and handle baggage security threats together with stakeholders and other departments

Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of screening operations

Determine implications of new technologies on baggage screening processes

Implement new technologies to enhance baggage screening processes

Investigate root causes of deviations from 100 percent HBS standards and develop corrective measures