Service Level Agreement Management

Assess performance of ground handling agents and form partnerships to deliver efficient ground handling, customer and passenger services



Competency Area

Airline Operations


Monitor the performance of ground handling agents i

Liaise with service providers, airport agencies and ground handling agents to communicate airline ground service standards

Conduct reviews of ground handling agents’ service performance against SLAs and track daily performance

Prepare reports to track service delivery performance

Audit and suggest improvements to ground service delivery

Implement SLAs in ground service delivery in consultation with ground handling partners

Administer periodic ground service delivery audits to review performance of ground handling partners

Take appropriate actions against breaches of SLAs by ground handling partners and escalate the issues to supervisors

Develop service contract terms based on evolving legal and regulatory requirements

Manage the contracting processes with ground handling partners by providing local and regional commercial updates

Conduct market reviews of ground handling partners

Discuss with internal stakeholders and ground handling service providers to secure agreements on service level standards and commercial terms

Review and amend SLAs based on evolving passenger needs and changes in passenger service processes

Review contract terms with ground handling partners with respect to the SLAs

Make recommendations to enhance SLA audit processes

Define service delivery standards of airlines and establish partnerships

Define service level standards and frameworks for ground handling partnerships with airlines

Align SLAs across the different business functions to harmonise the service delivery requirements

Evaluate partners’ performance against SLAs through service delivery reports

Investigate breaches of legislative, regulatory or SLA requirements by ground handling partners and employ appropriate actions

Develop audit processes to ensure SLAs adhere to organisational standards