Business Negotiation

Engage in negotiations to reach and create outcomes which support the commercial objectives of the organisation



Competency Area

Business Management


Undertake activities to engage with stakeholders

Keep Stakeholders informed through timely communication of agreed parameters and frequency of communications

Undertake any special activties assigned from time to time by different stakeholders as per agreed norms, guidelines

Respond to specific requests from stakeholders in a timely and effective manner

Sustain business relationships through engagement with stakeholders

Maintain positive working relations with stakeholders involved in business negotiations

Communicate one’s viewpoints and/or positions using relevant information

Utilise influencing techniques to change other stakeholders’ viewpoints

Anticipate other stakeholders’ needs and determine implications on business negotiations

Develop and implement business negotiation plans and tactics

Develop constructive win-win solutions in preparation for business negotiations

Propose strategies to foster a collaborative atmosphere during business negotiations

Implement procedures during business negotiations to overcome antagonism and build consensus

Employ influencing techniques to convince other stakeholders to accept trade-offs during negotiations