Airline Crew Scheduling

Manage crew requirements through efficient crew scheduling



Competency Area

Airline Operations


Prepare crew schedules to meet flight operations and regulatory requirements

Prepare crew rosters based on crew pairing, flight schedules and preferential bidding

Execute crew pairing to map flight patterns onto crew rosters

Document crew schedules on appropriate platforms for tracking and regulatory purposes

Report contingency requirements to higher authorities

Execute optimal crew scheduling to meet cost, utilisation and compliance

Implement changes to crew scheduling processes when required

Coordinate with flight scheduling teams to manage crew requirements in contingency situations

Communicate schedules to crew

Track accrued flying hours for crew

Monitor crew rosters for regulatory compliance

Administer strategies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of crew

Oversee accrued crew flying hours to ensure fair allocation of flights

Consult and discuss with crew regarding preferred flight schedules

Manage the fulfilment and deployment of crew schedules during flight disruptions and irregular operations

Assess utilisation of crew to improve crew scheduling processes

Recommend enhancements to crew scheduling processes to attain cost savings for airlines