Hazard and Risk Control and Policy Management

Apply systematic and objective approaches for hazard identification and risk assessment to manage workplace hazards effectively



Competency Area

Safety Management


Identify potential risks and hazards at the workplace

Execute work activities in accordance with workplace safety requirements

Schedule daily work activities in accordance with workplace safety procedures

Identify hazards and risks at the workplace

Report abnormalities and problems encountered to comply with workplace safety requirements

Follow emergency response plans and procedures in times of emergency situations

Contribute ideas to enhance safety at the workplace

Assess risks at the workplace and recommend measures to mitigate exposure

Determine common hazards and risks associated with airport and airline management, ground handling services and operations and aircraft turnaround activities

Identify risks at the workplace in accordance with organisational safety procedures and legislative requirements

Assess inadequacies in existing risk control measures and frameworks

Recommend plans and strategies to enhance risk control measures and frameworks in the workplace

Implement and evaluate the effectiveness of control measures

Oversee work operations to ascertain adherence to workplace safety requirements

Develop risk control measures and frameworks to mitigate safety hazards at the workplace

Update and maintain documentation related to risk controls in the workplace

Present and communicate legal compliance requirements to senior stakeholders