Ground Support Equipment Failure Analysis

Examine malfunctioning Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to identify and rectify the causes of failures



Competency Area

Ground Handling Services and Operations


Perform initial failure analysis

Determine systems, subsystems and safety critical components for different GSE

Deploy appropriate failure analysis techniques to examine causes of GSE malfunctions

Recommend procedures to recover GSE performance

Administer follow-up actions required to recover GSE performance

Review Ground Support Equipment (GSE) failure analysis results

Analyse failure analysis results to scout out factors attributed to GSE failures

Develop plans to mitigate future GSE failures based on failure analysis results

Update and review documentation and records pertaining to GSE failure analysis

Determine Ground Support Equipment (GSE) recovery operations and mitigation of failures

Communicate and convey status of failure analysis to relevant stakeholders and/or departments

Collaborate with relevant stakeholders and/or departments to institute corrective actions to bolster GSE performance

Lead the procurement of new GSE components based on GSE failure analysis results