Unit Load Devices Operations

Implement and develop standards for the handling, deployment and maintenance of Unit Load Devices (ULDs)



Competency Area

Cargo Operations


Follow established processes and procedures to build up and break down ULDs

Inspect ULDs to assess their serviceability

Execute labelling and marking procedures on ULDs

Identify data and documentation essential for ULDs operations

Build up and break down ULDs in accordance with safety requirements and SOPs

Operate ULDs in accordance with established regulations and procedures

Adopt new technologies to enhance organisational operations or processes

Adopt new technologies to improve work operations or processes

Conduct feasibility trials of new technologies for integration into work processes

Support technology implementation plans

Provide basic troubleshooting support and address user feedback

Assess the effectiveness of new technologies

Assess performance of department to identify areas for change or improvement using technologies

Generate ideas for the development of technology-enabled solutions to solve business problems

Evaluate the effectiveness of new technologies to solve business problems

Implement technology integration plans to meet business requirements while adhering to risk management procedures

Develop overall technology plans

Design and present detailed approaches for adoption of new technologies

Socialise new technologies with stakeholders for feedback

Determine cost impact and risks associated with new technology applications

Develop technology implementation approaches and schedules

Develop optimisation plans to improve the application of technologies in business operations