Flight Check-In Operations

Assist customers with flight check-in procedures to ensure a seamless and hassle-free process



Competency Area

Customer and Passenger Services


Execute check-in procedures and provide accurate and relevant flight information

Operate electronic ticketing systems to issue boarding passes to customers

Assist customers to use automated self-service check-in systems

Provide guidance to customers on seat selection procedures

Explain accurate boarding procedures to customers

Direct passengers to the correct boarding gates

Provide updated information on flight statuses, boarding and arrival times to passengers

Administer check-in operations to ensure efficient and effective processes

Troubleshoot malfunctions in electronic ticketing systems or automated self-service check-in systems

Manage irregular check- in operations and execute plans to rectify the situations

Offer advice and information to customers on procedures and regulations of destination countries and interline flights

Recommend products and services available at the respective boarding gates

Recommend seat selection based on customer needs and preferences

Provide explanations to dissatisfied customers or passengers who are denied boarding on overbooked flights

Review check-in processes for improvements

Advise customers on airport and terminal standard MCT to ensure sufficient boarding time

Audit current processes against International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) standards and international best practices

Retrieve data from SRS Analyser to conduct market analyses and research

Propose recommendations for new technologies and systems to enhance check-in procedures