In-Flight Emergency Management

Administer Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP) to handle in-flight emergency situations



Competency Area

In-Flight Services


Assess and handle in-flight emergency situations

Assist and guide passengers to safety

Perform assigned duties at emergency evacuation stations

Operate emergency exit doors and slides during emergency evacuations

Assess situations based on the severity and types of emergencies

Assess the severity of emergency situations and determine appropriate actions based on SEP

Communicate and demonstrate brace commands during emergencies

Administer basic first-aid treatment

Apply fire-fighting procedures using appropriate equipment

Oversee in-flight emergency management

Coordinate with flight crew to handle emergency situations

Manage passengers in a calm and reassuring manner while ensuring their safety

Carry out passenger safety briefings during emergency situations

Instruct passengers to perform brace procedures during emergency situations

Manage in-flight emergency handling to ensure appropriate equipment and procedures are applied

Apply first-aid treatment

Direct crew to emergency evacuation stations

Handle medical emergencies based on tele-medical instructions

Complete relevant emergency reports and documentation