Airline Representation and Station Management

Enforce ground service standards of airlines through monitoring ground service activities and building partnerships with ground handling agents



Competency Area

Airline Operations


Ensure adherence to SOPs and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) of airlines

Communicate performance expectations and airlines ground service SOPs to ground handling agents

Upkeep and ensure station compliance with safety regulations and requirements pertaining to the stations, aircraft, facilities, equipment and personnel

Prepare reports for local airport authorities

Resolve customer and passenger queries and issues

Monitor all station contracts to ensure vendor compliance with SOPs and SLAs

Oversee ground service operations teams

Determine SOPs for ground services personnel and station crew

Oversee ground services personnel to ensure timely flight take-offs and landings

Resolve issues arising from station crew and stakeholders such as vendors, hotels, catering personnel, maintenance crew, ground handlers or customers

Communicate changes in flight schedules, delays and disruptions to passengers

Coordinate with airport operations teams and station crew to manage emergency situations

Coordinate with airport operations teams to implement changes to ground processes

Investigate ground service performance lapses and report findings to management

Perform periodic ground services audits to assess and track performance

Verify reports for local airport authorities and ensure timely reporting

Manage manpower resources and expenses for the review and enhancement of station operations

Oversee daily station performance and sustain quality customer service

Manage and ascertain adherence to station budgets for manpower resources, supplies and expenses

Collaborate with internal stakeholders to implement changes to airline ground service processes

Work with internal and external stakeholders to implement emergency response plans and procedures in the event of incidents and/or accidents

Review ground services SOPs to identify opportunities for improvement

Propose appropriate actions for ground service performance lapses