Airport Collaborative Decision Making Model Application

Utilise the Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) model to enhance airport operations and optimise the capacity of runways, terminals, gates and airspace



Competency Area

Airport Operations


Administer implementation plans for Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) projects

Identify risks involved in the deployment and execution of A-CDM projects

Carry out project implementation plans in line with overall project schedules

Retrieve and utilise A- CDM information to make decisions in accordance with established SOPs

Check and monitor progress of A-CDM projects against project milestones, deadlines and budgets

Provide updates on the status of A-CDM projects to relevant stakeholders and/or departments

Identify new opportunities for Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) model application

Adapt information from A-CDM applications to manage disruptions and unplanned events

Collaborate with relevant stakeholders and/or departments to utilise A- CDM applications for cross-departmental projects

Determine and communicate the benefits of A-CDM applications on airport operations to different stakeholders and/or departments

Assess gaps in airport operations against industry benchmarks

Seek new opportunities for A-CDM applications and projects

Present key learnings and success factors from past implementation of A-CDM projects

Implement changes to meet A-CDM requirements

Develop implementation plans and timelines for A-CDM projects

Define performance standards for A-CDM projects

Oversee A-CDM projects in collaboration with different stakeholders and/or departments

Resolve deficiencies in airport operations and systems through A-CDM projects

Analyse the impact of A- CDM applications on overall efficiency of airport operations

Quantify the impact of airport disruptions and unplanned events

Enhance legacy systems to execute A-CDM applications