Food and Beverage Quality Assurance Framework Development

Establish quality standards and safety requirements for food and beverages served during flights



Competency Area

In-Flight Catering


Prepare quality assurance guidelines

Provide quality assurance documentation for all areas of operations to educate staff

Consult with relevant departmental supervisors to ensure quality assurance documentation meets information needs

Prepare all relevant documentation for quality audits

Modify quality assurance documentation in line with proposed changes to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Develop and review quality assurance guidelines

Processes to monitor quality performance and evaluate the effectiveness of current processes

Importance of feedback systems in analysing the impact of changing standards and/or processes

Develop a quality assurance framework by translating and/or interpreting quality standards and processes

Employ best practices to improve the quality assurance framework

Develop an overall quality assurance implementation plan

Communicate quality standards to staff

Promote and present good practices to staff

Review the effectiveness of current standards and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in supporting the quality assurance framework

Oversee central kitchen staff adherence to established quality assurance guidelines and standards

Lead the overall development of the food and beverage quality assurance framework

Establish quality system requirements for central kitchens based on relevant national or international quality standards

Analyse data on customer expectations of products and services quality

Manage statistical evaluation of work processes related to products and services quality performance

Articulate outcomes of statistical evaluation to relevant stakeholders within the organisation for decision-making

Project quality cost savings or improvement activities to manage quality costs at the workplace

Analyse quality performance of products and services in accordance with organisational quality system requirements

Resolve problems associated with non- conformance to quality standards

Develop reports on quality performance of products and services to fulfil SLAs

Review established quality assurance guidelines in line with changes to SLAs