Cargo Transit and Transhipment Management

Administer documentation and storage of transit and transhipment cargo before shipments to final destinations



Competency Area

Cargo Operations


Assemble and disassemble transit and transhipment cargo based on documentation and instructions

Ensure transit declaration or electronic in-transit permits are complete to facilitate cargo transits

Verify standard interline traffic agreements or transfer manifests

Assemble outbound cargo and disassemble inbound cargo based on documentation

Break down and reconsolidate transhipment cargo

Store or transfer cargo in appropriate warehouses and cargo terminals to maintain fitness for shipments

Execute instructions documented in Air Waybills (AWB)

Prepare transit and transhipment reports in air freight systems Send alerts to destination offices before transhipments

Oversee assembly, disassembly and storage of transit and transhipment cargo

Check transit or transhipment documentation to ensure accuracy and adherence to SOPs

Ensure appropriate transit and transhipment permits for controlled or special cargo are provided and valid

Supervise cargo assembly and disassembly activities to ensure the safe and efficient handling of transit and transhipment cargo

Administer storage operations to ensure cargo remains fit for shipments

Administer special arrangements for shipping time-sensitive and perishable cargo

Review transfer manifests for next sector of transport

File documents related to the purchase, import, sale or export of goods after customs approvals

Determine storage requirements and adhere to customs regulations

Collaborate with stakeholders and source for storage space for transhipment cargo

Oversee billings, tax invoices, insurance and goods declaration

Review transfer manifests and records of transit and transhipment cargo to ascertain adherence to customs and regulatory requirements