Internet of Things Application

Implement Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to drive efficiency and effectiveness of operations



Competency Area

Technology Management


Adopt Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and provide troubleshooting support

Conduct work activities using IoT technologies

Perform testing to verify the optimal functioning of IoT technologies

Provide troubleshooting support to end-users

Execute IoT projects to enhance work processes and operations

Conduct briefings on the uses and functions of IoT technologies adopted by the organisation

Review IoT testing results and identify areas for improvement

Integrate information from multiple data sources

Review data to produce insights of business value

Manage the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for the organisation

Develop novel ideas to enhance business operations by leveraging on IoT technologies

Collaborate with stakeholders for the development of IoT applications

Develop implementation approaches and schedules for IoT projects

Develop risk management approaches in relation to cybersecurity risks

Review and monitor success of IoT implementation using key performance metrics

Formulate strategies for the application of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies

Initiate research on the application of IoT in business operations

Develop strategies for application of IoT to transform business operations

Conceptualise the technology infrastructure required for IoT implementation

Create IoT solutions and develop business cases for investing in these technologies

Oversee integration projects which combine data from disparate devices, processes and applications

Advise others on cybersecurity risks related to IoT strategies and mitigation measures

Develop insights from strategic analysis of IoT data to enhance efficiency and service delivery