Process Improvement and Optimisation

Implement improvements to current processes to maximise efficiency and effectiveness of operations



Competency Area

Productivity and Innovation


Execute process improvement benchmarking studies

Identify the interdependencies of different processes used

Benchmark efficiency and effectiveness of different processes used

Assist senior stakeholders in processes which can be further enhanced

Assess and identify areas for operations and processes enhancement

Identify and monitor critical parameters which affect operations and processes

Review operational data and display data using graphical representations

Assess operational performance

Recommend process enhancements based on detailed data analysis

Implement new initiatives on operations and process improvements

Initiate projects to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of operations and processes

Develop plans for the implementation of process improvements

Review shortcomings and refine processes in collaboration with various stakeholders or departments

Determine and deploy resources to elevate processes and operations

Devise strategies to optimise processes

Devise transformational initiatives to streamline operations and processes

Formulate guidelines for process enhancements

Initiate reformation of processes in the organisation to boost efficiency and effectiveness of operations

Determine skills and training required for the adoption of process changes