Airline Distribution Channel Strategies

Develop and implement distribution channel strategies to increase market reach of airlines



Competency Area

Commercial Management


Provide support on queries related to airline distribution channels

Monitor and respond to queries from distribution channel partners

Communicate fares and fare changes to distribution channel partners

Conduct research on distribution technologies and payment options

Compile data on performance of distribution channels and prepare reports for management

Record fare products into RM systems

Ensure compliance to internal processes and regulatory requirements

Analyse performance data of distribution channels to provide inputs for the development of airline distribution strategies

Evaluate operations and systems to ensure adherence to IATA guidelines for NDC

Source for new distribution channels to widen market reach of airlines

Propose new user interfaces for active distribution systems

Implement initiatives to integrate various aspects of e-commerce such as digital marketing, CRM and communications in the distribution strategies

Review fares, rules, promotional codes and footnotes to ensure accuracy

Ensure all fare product releases are documented and filed within Revenue Management (RM) systems

Formulate airline distribution strategies and expand the distribution capabilities of the organisation

Gauge the feasibility of new distribution-related initiatives from IATA and other industry bodies

Develop airline distribution strategies at the operational and strategic levels

Drive efforts to integrate various aspects of e- commerce such as digital marketing, CRM and communications in the distribution strategies

Negotiate and renew GDS contracts with external vendors

Endorse new user interfaces and distribution channels