Manpower Planning

Develop and implement manpower plans to support strategic and operational needs



Competency Area

Organisational Development


Analyse workload levels

Collect data of all employees work

Calculate FTE or equivalent to determine manpower requirement

Conduct first level analytics on workload factors

Determine implications on manpower resourcing

Update and oversee databases on workforce and manpower information

Analyse capacity and capabilities of departments to deliver work plans

Develop daily operational manpower plans

Develop models for forecasting the demand and supply of manpower

Prompt discussions with business leaders to comprehend manpower needs

Develop models or simulations to project demand and supply of manpower

Develop mid- to long- term manpower plans for the business units

Estimate manpower deficit and surplus across the organisation to determine redeployment opportunities

Analyse the cost implications of manpower growth

Manage interviews to select and hire manpower for the organisation