Customer Relationship Management

Initiate and drive activities to enhance customer relationships and brand loyalty for the organisation



Competency Area

Customer and Passenger Services


Execute Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plans and programmes

Communicate with customers and maintain positive relationships

Identify customer needs and capture information into CRM databases

Retrieve information stored on databases to facilitate new CRM initiatives

Adapt to any special needs and diversity of customers

Execute customer relationship management programmes

Monitor customer satisfaction levels

Determining customer needs and recommending solutions

Implement CRM plans and programmes

Administer activities and processes for managing customer relationships

Consult with customers to ensure products and services meet customer needs

Assess customer needs and recommend plans or strategies to meet their needs

Develop Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plans and programmes

Review existing CRM plans and programmes

Evaluate overall health of customer relationships and determine areas for enhancements

Analyse data from CRM systems to estimate CLV

Analyse data from CRM systems to identify factors which drive customer satisfaction and loyalty

Develop CRM plans and programmes to enhance customer satisfaction

Devise innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies

Formulate innovative strategies to build customer loyalty

Leverage on IT and integrate new technologies to enhance CRM plans and programmes

Develop key performance indicators to evaluate customer relationships

Measure financial returns of CRM plans, programmes and strategies