Baggage Handling Operations

Manage overall baggage handling operations according to safety standards and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)



Competency Area

Ground Handling Services and Operations


Perform manual lifting, handling and delivery of baggage to and from allocated aircraft

Place baggage in appropriate storage areas

Identify and report irregular baggage and/or security threats

Assess baggage weight and dimensions to determine safe and suitable manual lifting methods

Apply proper lifting and handling techniques during manual transfer of baggage

Deliver baggage to allocated aircraft and/or conveyer belts

Monitor baggage handling operations to ensure timely delivery of baggage to and from aircraft

Conduct checks to ensure baggage is secure in aircraft cargo holds before departures

Report baggage irregularities to supervisors

Address baggage mishandling incidents

Complete relevant documentation for baggage handling

Supervise all baggage handling activities

Inspect baggage handling operations to ensure adherence to safety standards and SOPs

Resolve complaints regarding late baggage in collaboration with relevant stakeholders and/or departments

Provide advice to relevant departments and/or stakeholders on responding to baggage security threats

Coordinate resources to manage flight waiting situations

Manage exceptional baggage handling requirements according to procedures

Develop solutions to respond to baggage security threats

Develop resource allocation plans for baggage handling operations to fulfil agreed KPIs and SLAs

Detect baggage security risks and threats

Evaluate the impact of mishandled baggage on stakeholders such as the airport community, airlines and passengers

Oversee the investigation of incidents and discrepancies to determine root causes of delays to baggage handling operations

Propose control measures to mitigate risk exposure for baggage handling operations