Air Cargo Operations Management

Manage and implement processes and activities to build and develop air cargo operations



Competency Area

Cargo Operations


Follow processes and procedures to execute air cargo operations activities

Identify essential data and documentation for air cargo handling and shipments

Complete Live Animals Acceptance Checklists

Check the accuracy of customers’ and forwarders’ Air Waybills (AWB)

Complete master AWB for loading and shipments

Address discrepancies in documentation for air cargo handling and shipments

Accept or reject shipments due to discrepancies in documentation

Adhere to established processes and procedures for air cargo operations

Monitor air cargo operations based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Determine routing plans for air cargo shipments

Calculate published rates and air cargo tariffs for customers and forwarders

Monitor the on-time departures of cargo shipments and release of Unit Load Devices (ULDs) based on SLAs

Ensure acceptance of freight is received before flight close-out time and within SLAs

Ensure delivery requests are handled as per timings stated in SLAs

Conduct checks to ensure hazardous materials and dangerous goods are stowed in accordance with IATA safety regulations

Investigate air cargo claims for lost or missing cargo

Manage safety and security of people, cargo and environments

Supervise day-to-day air cargo ground handling services and operations

Coordinate and resolve air cargo operations irregularities such as missing documents and cargo

Assess adherence of air cargo operations to established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and safety requirements

Enhance air cargo ground handling services and operations to identify areas

Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the execution of air cargo ground handling services and operations

Oversee the acquisition and/or implementation of IT applications and systems to enhance air cargo operations

Utilise process improvement tools and theories to refine air cargo ground handling services and operations

Benchmark air cargo operations against international best practices and standards

Propose solutions to optimise airline slots and schedules for air cargo shipments

Establish strategic partnerships to develop air cargo operations strategies

Build strategic partnerships with customers, forwarders, airlines, airport agencies and regulators

Stay abreast of trends within the air cargo industry

Drive overall air cargo operations strategies

Develop strategies to gain competitive advantage in air cargo ground handling services and operations

Formulate profitable pricing strategies for air cargo ground handling services

Negotiate SLAs and price points with airlines, customers and forwarders