Engineering Safety and Security Standards

Design and execute safety and security policies to promote safe working environments for engineering projects



Competency Area

Airport Engineering


Adhere to policies and procedures

Conduct organisational safety and security procedures when delivering engineering projects

Liaise with relevant stakeholders and/or departments in the event of safety and security breaches

Communicate the safety procedures to all constituents frequently and ensure adherence

Review completed engineering works

Review the performance and completion of job tasks to ensure adherence to safety and security requirements

Identify safety and security breaches and report to higher authorities

Participate in and assist in the preparation of risk assessment reports

Manage safety, security and risk assessments on engineering works

Perform risk assessment and risk monitoring

Assess engineering projects using safety and security audit management frameworks to identify breaches and potential hazards

Analyse safety and security breaches to identify the root causes of breaches

Recommend corrective actions to minimise safety and security breaches and mitigate risks of potential hazards

Improve effectiveness of safety and security performance indicators

Update manuals and safety and security procedures of the organisation to incorporate new regulatory requirements and corrective actions

Analyse data to track safety and security performance of engineering projects

Evaluate findings against established performance indicators to pinpoint areas for improvements

Develop new initiatives to enhance the effectiveness of safety and security measures in engineering projects

Gauge the impact of new initiatives and quality control measures on different stakeholders and/or departments