Ground Support Equipment Maintenance

Manage Ground Support Equipment (GSE) serviceability and availability to meet operational requirements for ground handling services and operations



Competency Area

Ground Handling Services and Operations


Interpret possible malfunctions of Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Perform operational preventive maintenance tasks on GSE

Apply appropriate techniques to determine causes of malfunctions

Rectify malfunctioning GSE using correct techniques, procedures, tools and equipment

Implement Ground Support Equipment (GSE) maintenance operations

Verify causes of GSE malfunctions

Troubleshoot abnormalities detected in GSE

Coordinate with GSE Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) technical advisors and other relevant stakeholders to resolve maintenance issues

Order and maintain inventories of parts and supplies

Develop Ground Support Equipment (GSE) maintenance and recovery plans

Inspect GSE to ensure conformance to performance and safety standards

Evaluate GSE performance parameters against specifications of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Define project scope of work and the number of hours for repairs

Assess contractors’ capabilities to perform maintenance works on GSE

Develop maintenance and recovery plans and timelines

Allocate maintenance tasks and duties to internal team members and contractors

Examine the quality and efficiency of repairs carried out on GSE

Formulate strategies

Appraise the quality of maintenance works done by service providers

Direct follow-up actions including upgrades and acquisitions of new GSE and disposal of Beyond Economical Repair (BER) or obsolete GSE

Analyse GSE fleet operational performance to determine optimal deployment of GSE for ground handling services and operations

Impart technical advice to augment performance of GSE