Airside Driving

Operate vehicles at the airside and verify functionality of vehicles



Competency Area

Airside Operations


Operate vehicles to transport materials and equipment at the airside work areas

Perform checks on motor vehicles for serviceability before driving

Drive motor vehicles to reach work areas without incidents and/or accidents

Contact relevant authorities in the event of motor vehicle incidents and/or accidents

Liaise with contractors for pick-up and drop-off of materials and equipment

Load and transport stocks, materials and equipment to and from aircraft

Report emergency situations, incidents and/or accidents

Assist stakeholders in the event of airside incidents and/or accidents

Examine all vehicles to ensure cleanliness and regular maintenance

Operate vehicles to transport emergency personnel in response to incidents and/or accidents

Operate forklifts and large motor vehicles at the airside

Perform checks and tests to ensure airside operational safety

Administer airside driving tests and examinations

Verify airside drivers’ licences for validity

Conduct spot checks at the airside to ensure adherence to airside driving regulations and airside safety standards

Monitor the airside driving areas to ensure no spillages or oil leakages

Investigate the root causes of airside incidents and/or accidents

Verify documentation and reports pertaining to airside motor vehicle incidents and/or accidents

Develop and maintain frameworks governing airside driving rules and policies

Determine criteria and standards for airside driving permits

Develop frameworks to test and assess functionality of AGVs/AVs for different airside operations

Develop policies to address non-compliance to airside safety and security requirements

Design programmes to enforce compliance with airside driving rules and policies