Human-Robot Collaboration

Implement Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) applications to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of work processes



Competency Area

Technology Management


Operate robots to perform work tasks

Administer work plans to schedule human-robot activities

Develop work instructions for team members to utilise new Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) applications

Implement communication protocols to coordinate communication between humans and robots

Troubleshoot and recover performance of robots in the event of robot malfunctions

Recommend approaches to enhance the precision and effectiveness of robots

Administer implementation of collaborative robots to work alongside humans

Propose approaches to streamline work processes by researching new developments in Human- Robot Collaboration (HRC) applications

Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and safety protocols governing the use of robots in the organisation

Mitigate risks associated with the deployment of robots in the workplace

Deploy robots to increase productivity and quality of products and services

Develop HRC strategies for the organisation

Articulate the business rationales of investing in HRC projects

Develop competitive advantages through the application of new HRC technologies in the organisation

Oversee the installation of prototype robotic manipulators

Pilot new HRC applications to determine feasibility of their roll-out

Calculate financial savings as a result of new HRC applications

Engage different departments and/or stakeholders to address socio-ethical concerns regarding the use of robots

Develop overall Human- Robot Collaboration (HRC) strategies

Integrate technologies to lead the development of robots

Form communication plans to allay socio- ethical concerns regarding the use of robots

Elucidate and put forth business strategies for investing in human-robot collaboration projects

Assimilate robotics into projects and processes for the organisation